Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daniel Dancer video

For those who wanted to see the video Daniel Dancer made and were frustrated by the lack of information about screening location, you can check it out here.


"5 Lands Dreaming by Daniel Dancer
NSW Australia, 2007.
This short film documents a yearly event called The 5 Lands Walk
which is a 10 kilometer "walkabout" along a coastal path that knits 5
communities together via art, culture and music in a celebration of
nature at the height of the annual humpback whale migration
northward. This completely non-commercial event seeks to honor and
reconnect with the oldest culture on Earth . . . that of the
Aboriginal people of Australia which dates back 50,000 years. An Art
For the Sky humpback whale was created as the finale for this event
and involved music, dance and movement through the image at a
spectacular location."
Quote from web site.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wind Prayer/Brides of Khan

A couple of artists, familiar with some readers, will be performing at the Ku-ring-gai Art Centre on the 17th August, 6.30 pm. Jieon Lee will be dancing, and Boyd (with Sam Golding) will be playing.

Wind Prayer is a production of
Brown's Cows Art Projects,

with support from
the Korean Culture Foundation,

Gosford Art Flux Forum
Contemporary Art Gosford Incorporated
The Ku-ring-gai Art Centre

Stretegic development space 2

Update, and response to Jillian’s comment in the previous post.

The visit was a field trip by Kim Spinks in order to be shown around the Central Coast to assess the arts and culture situation.
At least that is what I could glean from her comments at an afternoon tea she had with the Regional Gallery Advisory Committee. Her intention is to write an internal report.
It seems that she spent most of her time with local government people (Wyong and Gosford Council employees) as well as holding some meetings with groups organized by Christine Bramble (Wyong Council). Contemporary art groups were not amongst those included.
The report will not be public, but will be available to local government staff.
Her take home message was that a Central Coast arts strategy will not come from ArtsNSW, but that they would support a unified, and politically backed, strategy if one could be developed in the region.
The impression I had was that ArtsNSW preferred to deal with local government as the representatives of the community. It will be interesting to see how the Councils move forward, if they do, given that they have no communicative structure with contemporary art groups at this time.

As it was, so it will be.
In contemporary art it is “D.I.Y. or Die”, as a New York group recently put it.
(Remembering the positive aspects of autonomy in this statement)

These are just my personal observations of the meeting.

The next official “Arts Futures” event will be feedback to stakeholder groups meeting, on the 6th of August, by the consultants employed to carry out the “Cultural Spaces and Places Framework” report.

Neil Berecry-Brown

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stretegic development space

There is some progress to report in the campaigns to implement strategies for developing sustainable contemporary art practice in the region.

Kim Spinks from Arts NSW will be in town on Monday in relation to the development of a regional arts strategy for the Central Coast.

However given the speed at which strategies are developed, and then maybe implemented when and if funds are available, we will continue to work at filling the space rather than watching it.

Caroline Bay Watch

The prize season is with us again!
Gosford Art Prize 2007 exhibition “the highlight of the exhibition year” (GRG copy), opening Friday the 3rd of August.
This year GRG is offering a guide to the art prize industry from the Gallery’s perspective. Explaining how to use the competition to promote, market and win, how to chose which competition to enter, and the judging processes. Unfortunately it will be held (on Tuesday 28th August) after the opening of the exhibition, but it is good to see GRG start to address some of the issues in its programming. We hope it will be more than a “how to”. Contact GRG (4325 0056) for information.
One could start with:
The Economy of Prestige: Prizes, Awards, and the Circulation of Cultural Value by Jim English. (review)

Young artists at NAIDOC market. No prizes, just for fun.

Prize to GRG for committing programming to indigenous culture and reconciliation.
The NAIDOC market event on the 8th of July was fun.

Also announced from the GRG is Wamberal to Wagstaffe open studio tour scheduled for the 8th and 9th of September. In the running for art tourism/business advancement Prize.

Prize for the worst coffee.
The coffee shop at Caroline Bay must serve the worst coffee, at the highest prices and with the slowest service, anywhere on the Central Coast.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Masque of Zero

We welcome a new era for Performance Art in Gosford with the installation of state of the art equipment by Gosford City Council.

Launched last Friday the video equipment and installation, costing $320,000, makes possible forms of practice previously associated with larger cities abroad.

Pat Naldi and Wendy Kirkup, using what now seems primitive equipment, made some ground breaking work in the UK as early as 1993, and the Surveillance Camera Players in New York (and now San Francisco, Italy, Sweden, Turkey etc.) are synonymous with the genre.

Game on.

Image – Fiona Romeo, Curator of the Science of Spying exhibition currently at the Science Museum, London.