Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art on the Mountain

Ground Up Artists’ Collective

A one off opportunity to see this presentation!

Fiona Woods, a member of the Ground Up Artists Collective, and until recently, Regional Arts Coordinator for North Clare, Ireland, will be presenting
library from the ground up
at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair on the 18th of October.

She will be bringing from Ireland two groups of work - library from the ground up, which consists of books, catalogues, reports, films and documentary material on DVD, soundworks, posters, comics (and a tea towel!) relating to the work of the 26 artists from the Ground Up Artists' Collective, to present the organisation through the members’ temporary public art, community-based research and discursive art events in rural contexts. Fiona Woods has curated a selection of work from the library for the Mangrove Mountain and Districts County Fair, including an exhibition of drawings.

Fiona is a visual artist whose practice includes curating and writing. Her recent work has focused on issues relating to art and public space in non-metropolitan contexts.
In October-November she will be creating new work on a farm at Mangrove Mountain, NSW, and talking with other artists and organisers also working with art practice in rural/regional contexts.

She devised Ground Up, and Shifting Ground ( and is currently coordinating Verge, an art journal that will engage critically with art in non-metropolitan contexts across the world.

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and Gosford City Council.

Inquiries, Neil Berecry-Brown:

Saturday, September 20, 2008


New SPRING 08 exhibition at the Christ Church art space, Anglican Parish of Gosford.

The Opening Event for the R-e-f-r-e-s-h exhibition will be held at 3 Mann Street, Gosford on
SUNDAY 28TH September 2008, 7pm - 9pm

More information can be found here.

Image from the WATER exhibition

From Marie Andrews

Extract from a letter received from Marie Andrews regarding her representations to the Minister for the Arts on behalf of Mr Berecry-Brown.

“Mr Berecry-Brown's suggestions, in particular the number of opportunities for arts development in the Regional City Strategy including an educational/cultural precinct and a cultural centre in the city have been noted.

I understand that Gosford City Council recently made the decision to utilise a building in the city centre as a regeneration hub with the aim of encouraging artists to live and work in the city much along the lines proposed by Mr Berecry- Brown. I have asked that the relevant staff at Arts NSW follow this development and provide further advice.”

It is good to know that our Member for Gosford is working to help the development of art.

Debra Schleger, Cosford City Council Manager Arts and Culture, informs us that she is on the case, but nothing concrete to report at this stage.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

In passing

A quick update.

The Regional Gallery Advisory Committee finally met at the end of last month. It was resolved that the committee be disbanded. Only two members of the community managed to be there. The minuted resolution will be forwarded to Council, as will a recommendation that Council establish an Art and Culture Reference Group to give advice directly to Council.

At the meeting Councillor Drake advised that there has been no progress with the Cultural Spaces and Places Report.

There appear to be no announcements of substance about the arts from new candidates in the upcoming local government elections. The records of those standing again for re-election speak for themselves, and reflect the current state of affairs.

There is a rumour that Gosford Council staff are planning some art activities for Gosford town centre, but nothing more is known by the Back Page.