Saturday, December 29, 2007

Parallels and palindromes

At this pivotal time of the year, at the fulcrum, when we are looking both backwards and forwards, I am reminded of the texts by Susan Hillman in the Space Between.
If you enjoyed her moving LED 'palindromes', you might be interested in the paintings 'Rorschach Shopkeeper Works' of Ken Lum, also from Vancouver, currently showing at
L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt.

And a quote from another Canadian, Marshall McLuhan, apropos the road ahead, ‘We drive into future using only our rear view mirror.’

Friday, December 21, 2007

Some hay in the manger

Very Best wishes for the Festive Season
from the Brown Cows

Click Here, KoPAS


The next in the Click Here series of art activities in the centre of Gosford produced by Brown’s Cows Art Projects and Gosford Art Flux Forum.

Streaming consists of three art performances “in homage to the Common Stream” by members of the Korean group KoPAS, also performing at this years Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland.

River by Baek Ki Kim
Facing against the Wind by Yong Gu Shin
Le Duex by Jae Seon Moon

KoPAS, led by Baek Ki Kim, is one of the leading groups in Seoul, with up to 40 participating artists from all disciplines and art forms. The artists coming to Gosford for Streaming have all performed in many cities around the world. Some Gosford people might remember Yong Gu Shin’s installation and performances in the Dawn Light Symposium in 2005.

See KoPAS at:
Kibble Park in the heart of Gosford

Saturday, January 5th 2008
1.00 pm.

Buried beneath Kibble Park in the heart of Gosford are the old town wells and the streams that once sustained the aboriginal people and early European arrivals.

On this site in January 2008, Baek Ki Kim, Yong Gu Shin and Jae Seon Moon will perform works whose symbolic and metaphoric meaning resonate with hidden currents in the land beneath the streets of Gosford, and take fleeting shape in the invisible streams in the air.

These are performances in poetic form that express through the metaphors of flow and change, and the symbolic meanings of water and air; of the river and wind, our common hopes, needs, emotions and strength.

On the Commons, in the public domain, around the town well, lives merge, as streams become a river. A river of streams survives. Like the common stream, buried but still alive, and the flow of the breathing air, still free.

This project regards water, the natural world and creative culture as a trust in common, and is not sponsored by any global water bottling and fizzy drink corporation. As taxpayers we sponsor them.

Click Here is supported in part by a Cultural Grant from Gosford City Council.

Monday, December 03, 2007

GoG postponed

The heavy rain on Saturday morning meant that the scheduled artists’ forum, Gaff on the Green”, had to be postponed.

However because of the high level of interest in having a gathering of this kind to discuss the role of contemporary art in the future of Gosford, and of a coordinated Creative Gosford initiative, the event will be rescheduled for early next year.

A fortunate outcome, despite the, rain, was that the Guest Speaker Associate Professor Adrian Hall had a chance to meet and talk to a number of Gosford artists. He has expressed a strong interest in returning to offer whatever help he can. His international expertise in education and contemporary practice will be a welcome contribution to strengthening skills and focusing professional opportunities in the region.

Discussions will be continuing with him regarding his role in the formation of an independent tertiary “contemporary art college” in Gosford to service some of the region’s educational needs locally.

Until the next Gaff on the Green, we will use the time to develop ideas before returning to Kibble Park. If you have some topics you would like to add to the conversation, please email them to us , and perhaps some informal discussions can be arranged soon.

The image is of an art performance by Adrian Hall. It took place at Somersby in 1998 as part of Eco-poetics, an international artists project organised by Synapse Art Initiatives.