Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Double Click

It seems the "With One Click" post has been ruffling some feathers.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Big Tent Revival

Big Tent Revival. Second Coming of the Tent to Kibble Park.

Weather permitting, we will pitch the Art Tent,
“Ceci n’est pas Baba”
on Saturday the 8th of March, 2008.

(Image credit - Banksy)

With a Programme to Edify, Amuse and Provoke.

It will feature:
Presentations and restaging of past projects in the Click Here Series, including the Bloomsday psychogeographic dérive.
Make your mark!
There will be an opportunity to contribute your impressions to a collective “mapping” of Gosford.
Technical wonders!
We will make use of new technical advancements on the Magic Lantern, the Lumière brothers’ Cinematographe, and Edison’s “Talking Machine”, the Gramophone (all demonstrated in the Gosford School of Arts in the 1890s), in the form of DVD and PowerPoint projections.
Live Conversation!
As with the parable of the six blind men asked to describe an elephant, six topics examining aspects of contemporary art practice in Gosford will make up a schedule for open discussions. These hybrid performance installation-roundtable discussions have been designed to facilitate informal conversations. Come along and give your opinion!

During the event no harm will be inflicted unnecessarily on elephants in the room, real or imagined.

Watch this space for updates, schedules and details.